The Tech Shed Podcast Episode 04, The Oggcamp Hangover Special

Our live episode recorded at Oggcamp 15 on Sunday the 1st November in which the guys have a quick review of the event and discuss some of events happening in the news. We give a quick update on the show's infrastructure.

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    A shorter than normal special show, Olly and Jon got together at OggCamp to record in person:

    0:26 | Introduction

    1:53 | OggCamp rundown 

    We talk about the various goings on at this years OggCamp chatting about the various exhibitors, talks and fun things going on.

    25:55 | News

    Short discussion around the recent compromises at Talk Talk and Vodafone

    32:20 | Outro

    Concluding the show with a little feedback and whats going on with the show and its infrastructure.

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    One comment on “The Tech Shed Podcast Episode 04, The Oggcamp Hangover Special

    1. Hi guys, great to see you at oggcamp again. hopefully catch up again next year. keep up the good work. enjoying the show.


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